You & Me & Me (2023)

Also Known As: เธอกับฉันกับฉัน Thoe Kap Chan Kap Chan You and Me You & Me

In 1999, while the world is gripped by the Y2K scare, identical twin sisters You and Me are also concerned for their future. The twins are so close with one another to the point that they share every aspect of life with each other.

One day, a boy named Mark comes into their lives. When the twins are confronted with their “first love which is not shareable” unlike everything else, how will this internal conflict lead the twins into a new phase of their life?

Genre: Drama, Romance, Youth

Director: Wan Wanwaew Hongvivatana [วรรณ วรรณแวว หงษ์วิวัฒน์] and Waew Waewwan Hongvivatana [แวว แวววรรณ หงษ์ว

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Release: 2023