The One Hundred (2022)

Also Known As: ๑๐๐ 100 ขา ร้อยขา

"The One Hundred" tells the story of a young woman who has just returned from a foreign country. She has to stay at a hotel to quarantine, but then suddenly comes across a monster that can change its shape in a variety of ways, according to the individual that this monster possesses. The concept of the story was inspired by the story of Battambang which was told during the reign of King Rama V.

Genre: Supernatural

Director: Pakphum Wongjinda [ภาคภูมิ วงษ์จินดา] and Chalit Krileadmongkon [ชาลิต ไกรเลิศมงคล]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Release: 2022