Spoil My Potter Girl (2022)

Also Known As: 公子独宠瓦匠妻 公子獨寵瓦匠妻 Gong Zi Du Chong Wa Jiang Qi The Son Only Favours The Bricklayer's Wife Childe Only Loves the Plasterer

He Su Su, a girl majoring in archaeology, accidentally traveled back in time to Tian Shi Kingdom in a landslide accident, and became a girl on the run. He Su Su had only two thoughts at that moment: one survive, and two find a way back to her time. When she runs into Pottery Master Song Yi Chen during a confrontation with spies, she accidentally kills one which leads him to believe she's in league with the spies. In order to keep tabs on her he enrolls her in his clay pottery class, and their love story begins.

Release: 2022