Senpai, Danjite Koidewa! (2022)

Also Known As: 先輩、断じて恋では! Senpai, Danjite Koi Deha! Senpai, Danjite Koi De Wa! Senpai, I'm in Love! Senpai, This Can’t be Love! Senior, Definitely in Love!

Yanase has worked as a 3D CG designer all across the world. Now back in Japan, Yanase is training a newbie by the name of Kaneda Yuki. There's only one issue: Kaneda is super unfriendly towards Yanase, leaving Yanase frustrated and disappointed. With a new project where they will have to work side by side, how can these two overcome their different personalities?

Adapted from the manga "Senpai, Danjite Koidewa!" (先輩、断じて恋では!) by Harekawa Shinta (晴川シンタ).

Genre: BL, Comedy, Manga, Miniseries, Romance

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2022