School Strange Stories: A Child Who Never Comes

Also Known As: oji anhneun ai , The Child Who Doesn't Come , A Child Who Never Comes , ji anhneun ai , School Strange Stories - A Child Who Never Comes , haggyogidam-oji anhneun ai , 학교기담 , hakkyogidam , 오지 않는 아이, 학교기담-오지 않는 아이

tells the story of Soo-ah who goes down to a local school to practice teaching. She grew curious about Bu Yeong-seok, a student with an ominous aura who is always present in the attendance list but no one calls his name. The more she tries to get Bu Yeong-seok back to school, the more unpleasant the school becomes.

Genre: Drama, Horror

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 0