My Weird Boyfriend (2017)

Also Known As: 我家来了个怪男人 我家來了個怪男人 Wo Jia Lai Le Ge Guai Nan Ren Strange Man Came To My House The Strange Man in My Home Странный мужчина в моем доме

Fei Fei suffers from phobia and began to live with an attractive male. Throughout their daily lives, due to their conflicting personalities, there are countless of disputed making life harder. Zheng Er Xun dream of being one of the best-selling authors is met with difficulties due to Fei Fei taking up most of his time and attention. Also, Zheng Er Xun is a Chunibyo which made him attend in a cosplay contest. In their most difficult period with many setbacks, they start to heavily depend on each other and encourage one another to endure through.

Episodes: 12

Genre: Cohabitation, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel

Director: Li Jin Lun [李锦伦]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2017