My School President (2022)

Also Known As: แฟนผมเป็นประธานนักเรียน Faen Phom Pen Prathan Nakrian Faen Pom Bpen Bpra Taan Nak Riian My Boyfriend is the Student Body President My Boyfriend is the School President

Student body president Tinn has a secret crush on Gun, the head of the music club and lead singer of the middling band Chinzilla.

The son of the principle, Tinn is instructed to axe any clubs that don't boost their school's reputation. The music club tops that list and Tinn is therefore Gun's number one enemy. To make matters worse, the club's newest member is talented and attractive Sound who Gun bonds with over music. How can Tinn compete with that?

Desperate to save his club, Gun pledges servitude to Tinn who isn't stupid enough to turn down an offer like that. When Tinn learns Chinzilla has a rule that band members aren't permitted to date until they win the Hot Wave Music Contest, he vows to do whatever it takes to help them do just that.

Genre: BL, Musical, Romance, School

Director: Au Kornprom Niyomsil [อู๋ กรพรหม นิยมศิลป์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Release: 2022