My Pride (2022)

Also Known As: 美麗戰場 , Mei Li Zhan Chang , Mei Lai Zin Coeng , 美丽战场 , 我的燦爛 , 我的灿烂 , Wo De Can Lan , The War of Beauties, The Beauty of War

Chung Ka Bo, Lam Siu Mei and Lee Ching Yee are three friends who are as close as sisters. Ka Bo is nominated by Siu Mei to participate in their school's beauty contest, where she makes a splash and is recruited by a manager, Wong Yat Yin. Ka Bo's challenges begin as she enters the "battlefield" of the entertainment industry, and she finds herself struggling to balance her newfound fame and her longtime friendships.

Genre: Drama

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Release: 2022