Mister Trot 2 (2022)

Also Known As: 내일은 미스터트롯2 내일은 미스터트롯 시즌2 明日はミスター・トロット 2 明天是Mr.Trot 2 Naeileun Miseuteoteurot 2 Naeileun Miseuteoteurot Sijeun 2 Mister Trot Season 2 Mister Trot S2 Mr. Trot Season 2 Mr. Trot S2 Mr. Trot 2

The legend comes back! Mister Trot is back with a new season with more powerful voices and charming personalities. Who will be the winner of this season of Mister Trot and become the next great trot superstar?

Genre: Musical, Variety

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Release: 2022