Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshita dake desu ga (2021)

Also Known As: 婚姻届に判を捺しただけですが 只是在結婚申請書上蓋個章而已 Only Just Married I Just Stamped the Marriage Registration

27-year-old Ookado Akiha who vows to stay single, gets a proposal to enter into a fake marriage from 30-year-old Momose Shuu who wants to get the status of a married man for some reason. Through living together as a fake couple, their relationship gradually changes.

Genre: Comedy, Manga, Romance, Slice of Life

Director: Kaneko Fuminori [金子文紀] and Takemura Kentaro [竹村謙太郎]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2021