J-Hope in the Box (2023)

Also Known As: 제이홉 인 더 박스 BTS 제이홉 솔로 다큐멘터리도 Jeihop In Deo Bakseu BTS Jeihop Sollo Dakyumenteorido BTS J-Hope's Solo Documentary

"I'm your HOPE, You're my HOPE, I'm J-Hope"

A documentary that captures the album production process of J-Hope' first official solo album, "Jack In The Box" released in July last year and features his solo activities in a span of over 200 days, from working on the album's songs to listening parties with musicians and directors, the day before the album release, and the Lollapalooza performance in Chicago, USA.

Genre: Documentary, Musical

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 2023