If Time Flows Back

Also Known As: 如果歲月可回頭 , 如果岁月可回头 , Ru Guo Sui Yue Ke Hui Tou

A story that follows three men who are coming from their respective failed marriages. They decide to go to the same city to start a journey of healing. Bai Zhi Yong, Huang Jiu Heng, and Lan Tian Yu are three strangers from the same city. After experiencing heartbreak, they decide to start over at a new place where they meet the mysterious Jiang Xiao Mei. Through their time together, the four become good friends and learn to support each other through rough times and they come out of the journey with a renewed outlook towards family, love, and work.

Genre: Romance

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2020