Hyakuman Kai Ieba Yokatta (2023)

Also Known As: 100万回 言えばよかった 100 Man Kai Ieba Yokatta I Should Have Said 1 Million Times

Soma Yui and Torino Naoki were childhood friends, but they met again as adults. Just as he decides to propose to Yui, Naoki suddenly disappears from Yui's sight after being embroiled in a mysterious incident. Naoki continues to wander in this world as a spirit without knowing that he has died.

Naoki asks Uozumi Yuzuru, a detective who is the only one able to see Naoki, to convey his feelings to Yui, but Naoki ends up breaking up without properly saying "thank you, goodbye, and I love you" to the person he loves the most.

Genre: Childhood, Detective, Drama, Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Director: Yamamuro Daisuke [山室大輔] and Kaneko Fuminori [金子文紀]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2023