Hamaru Otoko ni Keritai Onna (2023)

Also Known As: ハマる男に蹴りたい女 The Woman Who Wants to Kick the Man She Is Addicted to

Shitara, a man who fell from his elite life overnight. His new "place of employment", which has lost his job, house, and wife, is a boarding house?! Under one roof, a perverted love that begins with the worst encounter with the inhabitant someday!

Adapted from the manga "Hamaru Otoko ni Keritai Onna" (ハマる男に蹴りたい女) by Amasawa Aki (天沢アキ).

Genre: Cohabitation, Comedy, Manga, Miniseries, Romance

Director: Katayama Osamu [片山修] and Nakamae Yuji [中前勇児]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2023