Golden Mask (2022)

Also Known As: 황금 가면 Hwanggeum Gamyeon

A tragedy occurs for three women, caused by greed and desire.

Yoo Soo Yeon grew up with ordinary parents. She falls in love with a man from a chaebol family and marries him. Her life seems to mirror that of Cinderella and she is envied by others, but her life isn't easy due to mistreatment from her in-laws.

Cha Hwa Young is full of greed and desire. She tries to keep her upper class life.

Go Mi Sook is a private moneylender and she owns a franchise restaurant chain. She is a good person.

Genre: Drama, Family, melodrama, Revenge

Director: Uh Soo Seon [어수선]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 2022