Dead End (2022)

Also Known As: 繩角 死角 绳角 Sheng Jiao Si Jiao Sei Gok Sing Gok Rope a Dope Тупик

Au Yeung Chun is a stubborn yet diligent man who does not accept defeat. Due to debt problems at home, he takes refuge in a boxing gym owned by an acquaintance, and it becomes his second home. There, he meets like-minded people and is inspired to become a top boxer in Asia.

Adapted from the manhua "Dead End" (死角) by Jerry Cho Zi Ho (曹志豪).

Genre: Drama, Manhua, Sports

Director: Luo Jun Wei [羅俊偉] and Ki Kin Chung [祁健聰]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Ongoing

Release: 2022