Daisho (2016)

Also Known As: 代償 대상 Daishou The Price

Okuyama Keisuke is a successful lawyer with a dark past. He suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder due to abuse and betrayal as a young boy. One day, Keisuke is asked to defend his distant relative and psychopath “friend”, Ando Tatsuya, who is a suspect in a murder case. Tatsuya had robbed him of his own parents and happiness one after another. After that, he was repeatedly mistreated by Tatsuya’s family who adopted him. Keisuke takes a risky gamble to bury Tatsuya from society. Their reunion is the start of a battle with a new nightmare.

Genre: Kidnapping, Law, Miniseries, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller

Director: Murakami Shosuke [村上正典] and Goto Yosuke [後藤庸介]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2016