Come, Closer (2010)

Also Known As: 조금만 더 가까이 , Jogeumman Deo Gaggayi , A Little Closer

"Come, Closer" covers the broken relationships of five different couples. Su Jin works in a coffee shop. On a slow evening, with no customers in the cafe, she receives a phone call from a Polish guy in Holland looking for his ex-girlfriend. Su Jin tells him she has time to listen. Hye Young is the singer for an up and coming indie band, while Ju Young is the guitarist. People often mistake the two for boyfriend and girlfriend. Young Soo brings over a girl named Se Yun after a night of drinking. The girl admires the erotic comics that he draws. She asks him about the rumor that he is gay. Young Soo replies if there's rumors then it must be true. They then kiss. Hyun Oh drives his car out of a parking lot on a rainy evening. Out of nowhere, his ex-girlfriend Eun Hee stands in front of his car. She then gets in his car. Young Soo lays on the couch on his apartment in turmoil. His boyfriend Woon Chul finally comes home after a night drinking with friends. Young Soo tells him that he is leaving him for a girl...

Genre: Drama, life

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Release: 2010