Armor Hero XT (2011)

Also Known As: 铠甲勇士刑天 鎧甲勇士刑天 鐵甲戰士形天 铁甲战士形天 鎧甲勇士巔峰 铠甲勇士巅峰 Kai Jia Yong Shi Xing Tian Бронированный герой 2

In a peaceful Chinese city, the 'Dark Lord' Lucius wrecks havoc. However, 3 teenagers are are given "morphers" that turn into MP3 players, video game systems, and HD Cameras that allow them to summon their special Armor in order to become Earth's new defenders.

Genre: Tokusatsu

Director: Zhang Han Wen [张翰文]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Release: 2011