Anata wa Watashi ni Otosaretai (2023)

Also Known As: あなたは私におとされたい You Want to Be Fall in Love Me

Aizawa Naoya is happily married to his colleague Kana but faces temptation to cheat on his wife when a new employee Tachibana Noa joins his branch and seduces him repeatedly with all sorts of antics.

Adapted from the manga series "Anata wa Watashi ni Otosaretai" (あなたは私におとされたい) written by Miyaguchi Jun (宮口ジュン) and illustrated by Umesuzu (梅涼).

Genre: Drama, Manga, Miniseries, Suspense, Thriller, Workplace

Director: Kato Ayaka [加藤綾佳]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Release: 2023