Akira and Akira (2022)

Also Known As: アキラとあきら 彬與瑛 Akira to Akira Akira & Akira

Akira Yamazaki and Akira Kaido are new employees at Industrial Central Bank. They are both outstanding at their jobs and fierce rivals, but they come from totally different backgrounds. When Akira Yamazaki was a child, his father's factory went bankrupt, and his family ran away in the middle of the night. Because of that experience, Akira Yamazaki wants to work as a banker to save people. On the other hand, Akira Kaido was born into a family that runs a large company. He works with a calm demeanor.

Due to a case, Akira Yamazaki receives a demotion. Akira Kaido continues to be successful at work, but his family's company is on the verge of bankruptcy due to their family-oriented management style. The employees there and their families are all in a crisis situation. With this desperate situation unfolding, the reversal of fate of these two men begins.

Adapted from the novel "Akira and Akira" (アキラとあきら) by Ikeido Jun (池井戸潤).

Genre: Bromance, Business, Drama, Friendship, life, Novel

Director: Miki Takahiro [三木孝浩]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Release: 2022